The Nature of Silence is featured in the exhibition In the Present Moment: Buddhism, Contemporary Art, and Social Practice, which opens Thursday, September 14th at the Walter Phillips Gallery at the Banff Centre. The exhibition is curated by Haema Sivanesan and other artists include: Sameer Farooq, Robert Filliou, Tomoyo Ihaya, Haruko Okano, Tina Pearson, Chrysanne Stathacos, Susan Stewart, Charwei Tsai, and Lam Wong as well as artist books, multiples and scores by George Brecht, Robert Filliou, Dick Higgins and Takako Saito; John Cage; Dick Higgins, George Brecht; Robert Filliou; Pauline Oliveros; Yoko Ono; and La Monte Young. The exhibition runs until December 13, 2023.
The Nature of Silence (2012) documents the moment and location of the 60th anniversary of the premiere of John Cage’s most famous work 4’33”. Shot on location at Maverick Hall near Woodstock New York, this work suggests that Cage’s interests may not have been just about silence, but in landscape and the environment, as Cage’s chosen venue, Maverick Hall, is a partially outdoor venue in the Catskill Mountains.