Treescape Revolution No.1

Treescape Revolution No. 1 is a composite image comprised of hundreds of photographs that capture the diversity of life in an old growth tree from Eden Grove on Pacheedaht Territory on Vancouver Island. The photographs are digitally stitched together to make a true-to-scale image of one revolution around the entire 11 metre (36 foot) circumference of the tree.

The video version takes the viewer on one trip around the tree over a 10 minute period. This is a sketch for what will ultimately be presented as a multichannel video installation. The soundtrack is a field recording made at the same location and time as the photo was taken that captures some of the richness of the old growth forest biophany. Woodpeckers drum in response to each other behind a rich tapestry of frog croaks and small bird conversations with the texture of wind in the high canopy.

This work suggests the scale and the complexity of these organisms and the systems they belong to. A tree is not just a tree but an ecosystem within an ecosystem. These are some of the most diverse ecosystems in the world and they are vanishing at an alarming rate.


Photographic Installation