Music for Natural History


What may initially appear to be a field recording is in fact a live interpretation of the sounds of the life forms represented in the Natural History Wing of the Royal BC Museum by vocalists and music instrumentalists. Through careful cataloging, research and music transcription, the sounds of the entire flora and fauna of the major dioramas are orchestrated into two naturalistic sound performances: Elk Concerto and Shoreline Operetta. This work is a collaboration with Tina Pearson, a Victoria-based composer and sound artist.

Performers: Grace Salez, Geraldine Bulosan and Andie Lemus (voices), John G. Boehme (voice), Steeve Bjornson (guitar, percussion), Olie Dason (clarinet), George Tzanetakis (clarinet, saxophone), Alfons Fear (euphonium), Sasha Opeiko (violin), Dong-Kyoon Nam (ocarinas), Julia Zhu (flute, recorder, slide whistle), Paul Walde (guitar, percussion, cymbal) and Tina Pearson (flute head, slide whistle, ocarina