Glacial: The sounds of a glacier melting are modified by using musical instruments as speakers and accompanied by a detailed video portrait of the glacial environment from where the recordings were made. The resonant frequencies and materials of the instruments act as acoustic signal processors. Using violins, cello, double bass, timpani, and cymbals fitted with sonic transducers, over the course of five hours, naturalistic field recordings are transformed into the resonant frequencies of the instruments which form the basis of a sound composition. The sound and video installation also features a projection generated from a large composite photograph through which the viewer is led through a tour of the glacier from distant vistas to hyper-extreme details. The photograph, composed of hundreds of images seamlessly digitally stitched together, is also the basis of a photographic installation, while the soundtrack is available as a standalone audio publication. The photos and field recordings for Glacial were recorded at the Coleman Glacier at Qwú’mə Kwəlshéːn aka Mount Baker, Washington.

Video Installation

Photographic Installation

Audio Publication