Paul Walde is presenting new work in the solo exhibition Imaginary Landscapes at MKG127 in Toronto.
In Water Music (2022-23), a grid formation of whole notes printed on a metal panel is submerged in the Pacific Ocean and photographed as the tide comes in. Incoming waves and the resulting optical distortions multiply, resize, and reposition the notes to auto-generate a new musical composition when overlaid onto a standard music staff. These photographic prints are exhibited alongside Imaginary Landscape Paintings (2012-2023), a series of painted interpretations of American composer John Cage’s Imaginary Landscape compositions (1939-1952). In 2012, Walde began to collect every version of these works he could find— including YouTube posts of excerpts of professional recordings, student performances, and amateur renditions. Each painting was then made on a panel constructed in size relating to the duration of the corresponding recording with white oil paint representing silence, and marks made in response and consideration to frequency, amplitude, and duration of sound. MKG127 is located at 1445 Dundas St. West, Toronto. The opening is on June 3rd from 3-6pm and the exhibition runs until July 1, 2023.