Three of Paul Walde’s largest sound and video installations: Requiem for a Glacier, Alaska Variations, and Glacial will be presented together in the solo exhibition Glacial Resonance at the Kamloops Art Gallery. Glacial, which is shown for the first time, is a five hour work that uses musical instruments as speakers and signal processors to transform field recordings of the Coleman Glacier at Mt. Baker (Kushan), Washington to create a long form sound composition. Glacial’s video is based on a single panoramic photograph of the glacier which is animated through a continuous virtual camera path with occasional composited elements. In addition to the video installations, the large-scale photographic work Treescape Revolution No.1 will also be on view along with the studies for Requiem for a Glacier, and a selection of scores for Alaska Variations.

The opening is on Saturday January 21st at 6:30 with an artist talk/ interview at 5:30. The exhibition runs until April 1, 2023.