Of Weather (for Geoff Hendricks)

Moving Image Work No.1: Of Weather (for Geoff Hendricks) was commissioned by the Blackwood Gallery UTM for the exhibition Work of Wind curated by Christine Shaw which took place in an active industrial zone in September 2018. In this, the first of a proposed series of performances called Moving Image Works, images of clouds were brought down to ground-level through the use of large-scale stretched photographic prints. The clouds were animated by teams of performer/ art handlers through the Southdown Industrial Area responding to changes in the weather over the course of ten days.  At prescribed intervals during each day the teams came together to perform a choreography of image movements. This ballet of images was built upon standard filmmaking camera movements and editing techniques including pans, zooms, tilts, wipes, and cuts. Of Weather touches upon themes of climate change, geoengineering, the mobile nature of the artworld, and our increasingly complex relationship with the weather. When not roaming the exhibition area, the images formed a photographic installation in a radio transmission field.


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Video Installation