LAND SEA SKY is the realization of a text score by Tina Pearson composed during the winter of 2020 – 2021. This was a time during the pandemic when the Experimental Music Unit was playing together remotely through networked platforms, but longing to mingle our sounds together outdoors. The score was imagined for playing at so-named Finnerty Cove, a rocky outcropping on the East shore of lək̓ʷəŋən [Lekwungen] territory on the Salish Sea. Its form and content reflect the trio’s relationship of listening and playing closely together through ten years and multiple collaborative projects, and furthers that relationship toward an increasing focus on questions about our relationships with the lands where we live, work and play.

During the composition of LAND SEA SKY, our friend and colleague Raj Sen, director of Victoria’s Open Space, passed away. The beautiful openness and generosity of Raj’s spirit inspired the final version of the piece, which is dedicated to him.

The practice suggested by the score intends a respectful listening interaction within a location, and its ecosystem, embodying a sensual and perceptual awareness of its complex lifeforms, their histories, and its human and other ancestries. It is an attempt to perceive, move, sound, photograph, record and interact with place as the primary influence and recipient.

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