Weeks Feel Like Days, Months Feel Like Years

Weeks Feel Like Days, Months Feel Like Years: Is a generative sound artwork in which performers are invited to interpret a series of 5 text-based scores responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. The scores were composed to be performed by individuals or groups in isolation, and welcomes performers to reflect on their own experiences during the pandemic. Participants record their interpretations using an online interface which are then compiled into larger audio compositions that uses layering and temporal effects such as time-stretching and compression, through a custom designed audio processing program. My experience in isolation and its effects on perceiving time are the organizing principles in the compositions that transform the recordings temporally—expanding and contracting them as the listener moves through the compositions. In this work: Weeks Feel like Days = Time ÷ 7, Months Feel Like Years = Time x 12. The work exists online and as an audio installation. You can visit the online project here.